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Welcome to Our Farm

We have just relocated our farm from Longmont, Colorado to Gering, NE. Don't worry it's only 2 1/2 hours NW of our old farm so it's not really that much different. Sure Shot Cattle Company is a small, family run business created to help people who are interested in self-sustained living to find and purchase a dairy cow that is suitable for family use. We specialize in Miniature Jersey cows. Our cows are gentle, halter trained and people oriented. They willingly come when called and have been specifically raised with the family farm in mind. We normally have bottle and weaned heifers available. Occasionally we have an adult cow that is either bred or in milk for sale. We also offer a wide variety of frozen Miniature Jersey semen for sale. Additionally, we do have a consulting service to help you get set up with your new dairy cow. To see what Miniature Jersey Cows we have for sale, please see our Cattle for Sale Page. 

  Some of our Miniature Jersey's enjoying the summer pasture.

Spotty says, " Everyone knows water tastes better directly from the faucet!"

Notice how small we are next to this pickup truck. We are all full grown in this photo!

What's new with us?

Heifer Semen! 
We now have a limited supply of heifer sexed semen available for those of you who are interested. Although it is very expensive, for some the 90% probability of having a heifer rather than a bull makes it highly desirable. Inquire if you have further interest.

Collected Bulls
We now have 10 top quality Miniature Jersey bulls collected for frozen straw shipment. All have been chosen for their conformation, exceptional bloodlines and superior genetics. We have one "mid-size" bull available for those of you working on small stature dairy cows. The other 9 are 42 inches permanent size or less. Please look at our bull page for photos, individual pedigrees and bull statistics. There is no minimum order on semen straws but there are quantity discounts offered. Some gender "Heifer Select" straws are available on a few of the bulls. Contact us for additional information on semen orders.

Calves will be born April through December 2015. We will be offering these calves for sale. These calves will be very high quality Miniature Jerseys and some of the best the breed has to offer. Buying a better quality animal does make a tremendous difference in the longevity of your animal. All of our animals have been tested free of genetic abnormalities. We do not inbreed our animals nor is any of our breeding stock inbred. Feel free to contact us if you want to know why a high quality calf will give you many more years of use than a lower quality one. 

New Breeding Stock- Are you selling a Miniature Jersey?
We are usually looking for additional bloodlines to add to our outstanding herd of Miniature Jerseys. If you find that you need to sell one of your animals, please contact us to see if we might be a good fit. 

Community Service Events
We take a week each summer to attend our local community county fair. We have a wonderful time answering questions, allowing people to interact with our friendly cows and introducing lots of people to the wonderful world of Miniature Jerseys. Here is a link to an article about our display this year written by the local paper. http://www.timescall.com/fair/ci_21228887/small-cows-draw-big-attention-at-fair

Here is our yearly display at the Boulder County Fair. 

Big Thank You's
We would like to take a brief moment to thank all the people around the country who have sold us breeding stock. We feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to purchase animals from some amazing breeders. A special thank you to Dexter Corner Guinea Jerseys and the many individuals who have offered us friendship along the way.

Fun And Games On The Road

Milking at the Flying J Truck Stop.

Replacing trailer bedding and watering cows at the Tractor Supply Company. 

Here is one of our Miniature Jersey Cows next to the Champion Holstein Heifer at the Boulder County Fair. Incredible size difference, isn't it?

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