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Lowline Herd

We have a herd of Fullblood and Percentage Lowline Cattle. Our percentage cattle are mixed with Belted Galloway and called Mini Belties. They are very high quality animals and their offspring are occasionally for sale. We normally use the calves for our beef business. If you are interested in Lowline Cattle, feel free to contact us for more information. We sometimes have adults and calves for sale. 

Why Choose Lowlines?
There are many reasons a person might choose to get involved in Lowline Cattle. Here are a few of them:
  • They are gentle cows that are perfect for small acreage.
  • Lowlines are extremely feed efficient. They thrive on limited forage and are easy to raise.
  • They are very healthy animals with few health problems.
  • Potential tax benefits for Agricultural Zoned properties.
  • High meat to carcass ratio. More beef!
  • They make excellent pets and are easy to befriend. 
  • Small size make them easy cattle for first time livestock owners.
  • Lowline bulls are a perfect choice to use for first calf heifers. 
  • Sell breeding stock.

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