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This page is dedicated to helping our clients save time and money. We have tried lots of different products and have picked many favorites. To save you from making costly mistakes buying equipment and products that don't work, see the list below of products we use on a regular basis. We hope this page is helpful to you.

Need a website and hosting company? Use GoDaddy.com 

 *Godaddy just made us a free mobil application so our site loads really fast on cell phones!*

We used www.godaddy.com to purchase our domain name, host our website and to build our website. Godaddy is an awesome company! Why? They have the best customer service ever. They have real people who answer the phone once you put in your customer number. Have a busy schedule? No problem, they actually answer the phone 24 hours a day! So when you need help with something on your site, just call them. They will pull up your site and help you out. Better yet, if you don't want to build your site you can pay them a nominal fee and they will create one for you. How can it get better than that?

Delaval Bucket Milker (you also need the pump below to make the bucket work)

We purchased our milking machine directly from DeLaval here in Colorado. You can order your very own DeLaval bucket milker directly from the same company. This company has good customer service and this machine is easy to use. It has standard rebuild parts for the pulsator which are available from many companies. Additionally, you can order your replacement rubber parts from this same company. This will make things very easy when you go to reorder new inflations and rubber gaskets. This is a full service company so if you need bucket washing detergent, cleaning brushes, stainless pails, etc. you can order them here with a simple phone call. These are NEW units.\Not refurbished, not used, not junk that will break in a month. There are other units you can buy BUT those units can actually hurt your cow if you are not an experienced user. The DeLaval unit is 100% beginner friendly and your cow will thank you for buying this one over another. Our Delaval Dealer is Ryan and his number is (970) 646-1964. He can take your order over the phone and mail the unit direct to you. We do not like the Vacuum Pump sold by his company.  We prefer the Conde Vacuum Pump below since it is MUCH quieter. 

Conde Vacuum Pump
The Conde Vacuum Supply is the original portable milking vacuum supplier for bucket milking up to two cows at once. We use this pump every day to milk up to 10 cows on a twice a day schedule. It is oil cooled and it has a vacuum tank. This pump came with a 3 year warranty and it is a workhorse.Our clients have tried to save money and purchased other pumps from other companies. Those same clients have had lots of issues and problems with those different machines. Besides, when you have a problem with this machine, this company can direct you over the phone on how to correct the issue. They build them on site. This is company direct with no middle men. Westmoor LTD is a very professional company and we hope you like working with them as much as we do. Their phone number is on the bottom of the picture below.

Portable Vacuum Supply
Part No. 1VS01
as of 11/9/2012

Milking Stanchion
We have found the easiest thing to use for a milking stanchion is a blocking chute. These chutes are usually portable and fold up when not in use. they are easy to move for cleaning and can double for a cattle chute for light veterinary use. If you need to give your milk cow a shot or look at her foot, you can probably get it done in this little unit. These can be found used at sales, on craigslist under farm and garden and can be found new in cattle show catalogs such as eNasco Farm and Ranch.

Milk Replacer
Superstar Formula
This SuperStar formula is made by Merrick. It is specifically made to meet the requirement of Jersey calves. I highly recommend this formula. These days, formulas are made from all kinds of things that are not "all Milk". The formulas made of Soy or Blood Plasma or Wheat are just not adequite to meet the needs of Jersey calves. Please do your research and purchase only the best formula. Formula is not the place to "save money". This formula can be found at many locations around the country.
I also recommend Aspen Supreme Non-Medicated 22/20. This formula is carried by Lextron, Inc. stores. It can be "drop shipped" by Fedex from Lextron in Greeley, CO. They can be reached at (970) 353-6044. Ask for Todd. Tell him Sara Haas referred you.  


We like the Merrick Super Calf nipple. These nipples have the perfect size holes for baby calves and you never need to make adjustments. As the calf ages, the nipple hole becomes larger. We have tried every nipple out there. These are the best by far and definitely worth a special order. This nipple can be ordered from Nasco. Product number C25056N. Here is the website link:


Advance EZ Nurse Bottle-3 Quart.  This bottle is great because as the calves get older, the hold the additional milk older calves need. This bottle can be obtained at Nasco. Product Number C25544N. Here is the website link: http://www.enasco.com/product/C25544N

Bottle Holder

These are the bottle holders we use. They are easily bolted to a wire calf panel. They can be also be screwed to a wood frame. These holders are tough, hold the bottle securely and train the calves not to butt the bottle. They retail about $15 and are made by Agri-Plastic, Inc. They can be purchased from IBA Dairy Depot located in Evans, Colorado. Contact Pat at (970) 284-6599. He can drop ship them to you. 
Fresh Start Mix In Supplement
Fresh Start Meal

Made by SweetPro. A unique new supplement to stimulate intake (with an ethyl-alcohol edge) and improve feed efficiency with yeast, viable enzymes and other fermentation metabolites. Designed for dairy rations, it is also used in receiving rations, helping maturation and rumen development. It's gets them rolling! As a vitamin, mineral and digestive aid supplement, Fresh Start is also used for show pigs and show cattle. Fresh Start is the extra edge your animal needs to make it to the winner's circle. Fresh Start is rich in yeast and other fermentation metabolites which combine to improve starch and fiber digestion, maintain immune function, promote correctness and assist in nutrient utilization. 


Orvus. This is the only shampoo you will ever need. It is AWESOME. I use it on all my animals. It is
gentle, removes manure like nothing else and one gallon will last you forever. This product can be obtained at Nasco. Product number C01036N. Here is the website link: 


Calf Jackets

We love these calf jackets. They are very adjustable and fit the Miniature Jersey calves very well. They are sturdy and hold up well. They are very affordable as well costing under $30 each.  One thing about these jackets is that the white decals on the sides mostly comes off in the first wash. However, the material and the stitching hold up great. They can be purchased from Dairy Tech, Inc. This company can be reached at (970) 674-1888. Their are two sizes. Jersey (blue as pictured) and Holstein (red as pictured) for older or larger calves.


We really love this brand of electrolyte. It has added lactose to supply all the energy needs a calf needs in place of a milk bottle. When your calf gets diarrhea you need to provide them with an electrolyte to keep them up and going. This is given instead of milk and the calves love the flavor. Our babies usually love this so much they will drink it from the bottle and don't need to be tubed as often. Not very expensive at around $4 per pack but  WELL worth the money spent. This can be purchased from PBS Animal Health. Here is a link to a site that carries this product.  http://www.pbsanimalhealth.com/details/Hydrafeed-Milk-Replacer/6-5.html

Barn Cats
Barn cats are a necessity when you have cows. Mice move in if you don't get a good one. Our advice
is to adopt one from a farm. Look for one that is healthy and does not have any goopy eyes or raspy
breathing. No matter how cute the kitten is, if it's eyes and nose are not perfectly clear, DO NOT
GET IT. These kittens often carry a virus that kills the cats. It is not curable and spreads quickly.
Barn cats are 
. We give our farm kittens away a couple times a year. Our kittens are highly
sought after because they are healthy, free and from good mousing stock. Inquire if you are looking. If I have kittens I will be happy to reserve one to go home with you when you pick up your cow.

Yes, you need one. You need to have one you have established a relationship with prior to having
some sort of emergency. Make sure your veterinarian understands you love your cow and want to
provide excellent care for her. Find out ahead of time what it costs for him to come out. Find out if
he has a "well cow" package you can buy for fall and spring shots. Perhaps he will discount this for
you if you pay for the package ahead of time. Often veterinarians will respect you more if you call
them out for routine things in addition to the emergency situations. A vet who provides routine care will often make additional effort to come to the farm in emergency situations when they know you are serious about providing year round care for your animal. Prior to calving, call your vet and have a plan of action in case you do not have a routine delivery. Let your vet know you would rather provide your cow with a C-section than lose the cow and/or calf. Find out what that would cost. If it is not in your budget, ask your vet if he can discount the service in the unlikely event you need it. Often vets can be flexible in their pricing when facing owners who are "prior planners". Shop around. You need a vet with a lot of cattle experience. Make sure your vet understands your goals with your cow. Plan ahead for what you will do in an emergency. Remember, if you think your cow is not well, it probably is very sick. You need a vet to be willing to come out when you call. Same day.Have your vet give you a referral number for those times when he can't be reached. Our vet gave us an alternate veterinarian's number in the event we can't reach him. Our vet has already arranged with the alternate vet to accept our calls.  Remember, most veterinarians went to vet school because they love animals and have a keen interest in keeping them healthy. They will appreciate clients
who feel the same way. We use Dr. John Flinchum. He can be reached at 303-702-1755.

Hoof Trimmer
We recommend Randy Falk. He has over 30 years of experience trimming beef, show and dairy cattle. His number is 970-284-0162.

We recommend the following insurance companies. We are sure there are others out there but to date these are the ones our clients have tried. Let us know if you recommend others and we'll add them to this list. We recommend insurance on all the animals we sell. It is comforting to know that for a few hundred a year, your animal investment is insured for the purchase price in the unlikely event of catastrophic loss. Their 2012 rates are listed in two categories. For the first 6 months of life the policy will cost you approximately 8% of the purchase price. After this period, an additional year of coverage can be purchased for an additional 8%.

Breeders Insurance, LLC
Jon Malmborg
810 College St.
Bowling Green, Ky 42101
Office: 866-782-9040
Cell: 270-792-1200
Fax: 270-782-7043

Lathrope Cattle Insurance- Lowest Quoted Rate on Baby Calves
Holly Lathrop

Daytime: 847.426.5009
Evening: 847.658.0929
Fax: 847.658.6834


  • Annual rate on four or more animals 5.0%
  • No veterinarian examination required on animals valued to $50,000
  • Theft coverage included on all policies
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