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We are a small, family run business created to help people who are interested in
self-sustained living to find and purchase a dairy cow that is suitable for family use.

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Miniature Jersey Bulls

Mid-Size Jerseys are not a new breed. They are descendants of the original Jerseys imported from the Jersey Islands and Britain. They normally range in size from 48-42 1/2 inches in height. After much research and reading emails form the Royal Registrar of Jerseys on the Isle of Jersey, it is my belief that Mid-Size Miniature Jerseys are very similar to the original Jerseys imported from the Jersey Islands and Great Britain. The main difference is that a polled gene has been introduced somewhere in the genetic history which has eliminated the horns that all Jersey Island cows were born with. Many of the Mid-Size cows are now born without horns.

Semen Sale

Looking for Semen but on a bit of a budget? I am offering a discount on some of our bulls. The semen on sale is of high quality and we have had some wonderful calves from these bulls. I am going to be bringing on some new contenders for 2019 and am making room for additional bulls. Grab some of the discounted semen while it is on sale and save yourself some money. Included bulls are: GJ Romeo, Sure Shot Phoenix, Dexter Corner John Boy and Lowline bull Outlaw's Sundance. Cost is $50.00 per straw.

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