Purchase Information

My goal is to help the buyer find a suitable animal that will fit his/her experience level to hopefully allow for a positive experience. All sold animals will be sold with a written contract signed by Seller and Buyer outlining the following information.

Beginner Livestock and All Cattle Purchasers Take Note of This:

Normally I try to match up people who are new to livestock or cows with an older animal that is specifically chosen for it’s docile temperament and ease of milking. These animals typically are not show animals and may not have perfect conformation. However, the goal here is to provide a positive, safe learning experience for the buyer. Often new livestock owners get caught up in the “cute” factor so I try to be very honest about the animal being sold and what the new owner should expect.

Contract Particulars:

Buyers are encouraged to come to our farm and meet the animals being considered prior to making a purchase. Buyers are welcome to have a veterinary pre-purchase exam on the animal they intend to buy. All milking stock has been tested negative for BVD-PI, BLV and Johnes upon entry to our facility. All adult animals are sold with current test results for BVD-PI, BLV and Johnes. Baby calves are sold with negative results for BVD-PI as they are to young to be tested for BLV and Johnes. Baby calves parents are negative tested animals. Cows in milk have been tested negative for contagious milk bacteria prior to leaving our facility.  All livestock sold as bred have been blood tested “pregnant” prior to leaving our farm. These results will be provided to the buyer as a courtesy. Sure Shot, LLC assumes no responsibility for lost pregnancy’s (including reabsorbtion, miscarriage, pregnancy problems, calf or cow death or birthing problems).  Adult bulls are sold with a current fertility test. Adult bull and baby bull fertility is not expressed or implied and is not warranted.  Adult bulls are sold as “live cover only” breeding rights. Buyers may use the bull live cover as much as they like but my not sell frozen semen unless written permission is obtained from Seller. When Buyer sells the bull to a new owner, frozen semen rights are still retained by Sure Shot, LLC unless written permission releasing semen rights is obtained from Sure Shot, LLC. Frozen semen rights are retained in perpetuity by Sure Shot, LLC on all adult bulls that have been previously collected by Sure Shot, LLC. Seller has the continued right to market and sell all frozen semen retained in Sure Shot, LLC inventory.  It is up to the buyer to re-test the animals for any disease if desired. I will never knowingly sell any sick or injured livestock without disclosure. All animals are sold “As is, where is. No warranty expressed or implied.  All sales are final”. All expenses incurred by Sure Shot, LLC on behalf of the buyer will be billed directly to the buyer and are the sole responsibility of the buyer. I will be happy to board the animal for a mutually agreed upon period of time prior to pick up. Once livestock is sold, all health related issues or veterinary problems become the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Out-of-State Buyers

Each state has different import rules for cattle. It is the buyer’s responsibility to call their State Veterinary Office and find out what is required for entry into their state. Most of our animals do have a legible “Bangs” tattoo/tag (OCV for Brucellosis) in their ear. Most states will require new blood testing and a veterinary Certificate of Health to be issued for each traveling animal. Buyer is responsible for this cost.

Reserve an Animal

If you would like to purchase an animal you must pay for it in full. At the time of payment, individual situations will be discussed and an agreement will be reached for date of pick-up.

Brand Inspection

A Brand Inspection Certificate will be provided for each animal purchased by the buyer. This will constitute the buyers official Bill of Sale for the State of Nebraska. Seller will cover this cost.


Mortality insurance is available and buyer is encouraged to purchase a 1 year policy to cover the purchased animal. The policys typically cost 8% of the purchase price of the animal and will reimburse the buyer for the purchase price of the animal in the event of the death of the animal. Mortality insurance may be purchased from James F. Bessler, Inc. of St. Charles, IL. ph: 630-945-3483. Other Insurance agencies are available and it is up to the Buyer to choose the one they want to use.


No Returns, No Exceptions.


Transport is the responsibility of the buyer. Due to changes in environment, feed, stress, handling and care, Sure Shot, LLC can not predict the behavior of or health of the animals once they leave our facility.


If the animal can not be picked up within 30 days of the agreed upon date, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make alternate arrangements in writing with the seller. If the buyer does not make alternate arrangements, the animal will be considered abandoned and the seller will re-list the animal for sale. The purchase price will not be refundable in the event of abandoned livestock.

Registered Animals

A copy of the registration certificate is available when applicable and provided to the buyer at time of purchase. Any pending paperwork will be forwarded to the buyer by the seller when it is received.