Sure Shot Captain Morgan



Heterozygous Polled

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  • A1A2.
  • Heterozygous polled.
  • 41 1/2 inches at age 3 at the hook.
  • 43 inches at age 8 at the top of the hip.
  • Negative for Disease.
  • Negative for Chondrodysplasia/Dwarfism.
  • DNA tested.
  • High Altitude Tested.
  • This bull has been phenomenal at improving udders. It is the most improvement I have ever seen in one generation.  If your cow has a poorly attached udder, this bull would be my number 1 choice.
  • This bull has longevity. Was still breeding cows at age 9 which is very old for a bull.
  • Registered American Miniature Jersey Association and International Miniature Cattle Breeders Registry.
  • Exceptional Temperament.

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